Harveys Lake T-Shirts, House Flags and HL Bumper Stickerswill continue to be sold throughout the year.  If you are interested, please contact Molly @ 570-709-8711.

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Kayak berths (slots) are available to rent for the 2024 season.  Kayak berths are for members only who have paid for their berths. A berth costs $75 for the season.  Kayaks must be removed by October 1.  If questions, please call 272-255-9579 and leave a message or email HLBASunsetBeach@outlook.com.

NOTE:  Click on the button in the menu "Kayak Info" for additional information Usage, Rules and Storage of Kayaks.

Please note the following rules/regulations for kayak rentals: 

- The HLBA Association does not adopt any responsibility for any kayak used during the summer months or left on the beach after the season closes.

- Only members and qualifying guests are permitted to use the kayak launch.

- Kayak Berth Rentals are $75 with paid beach membership for season.

- Each Kayak will be assigned a number corresponding to the berth.

- All Kayaks need to be secured with a lock (bike).

- Take a picture of your Kayak once on the rack and send to Tom McGough at: HLBASunsetBeach@outlook.com

- Please take paddles and life preservers with you when you leave the beach.

- All Kayaks must be removed from the beach by October 1, 2024. 

- Any abandoned kayaks or paddle boards (left laying on the beach) will be reported to the Fish and Boat commission for there resolution.  Confiscation.

- HLBA officers and board members assume no liability for any Kayak.  Kayaks are the owner's responsibility.

- All Kayak owners are required to adhere to Pennsylvania Kayak laws on the lake.


Yoga classes will be held on Sunset Beach Thursday evenings June 13-August 15 from 6:30-7:30pm.  The cost to join the class is $10 and you pay the instructor.

- NOTE: There will be no class on July 4th

The beach will be open from Sunday, May 26, 2024 to September 15, 2024.


2024 Summer Season dues should be sent in by June 1!  Click the "membership" link for more information.

New Members welcome!
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The beach pavilionis available to members to rent.  We ask for a 2 week notice for rentals. Please email HLBASunsetBeach@outlook.com or call 272-255-9579 and leave a message.  Payment for pavilion rentals can be sent to:


62 Dallas Shopping Center Ste#128

Dallas, PA 18612

Please note that all members may use the beach, but the pavilion and tables are reserved during those hours.

The pavilion has been rented on the following dates:

- Sunday, May 25, 2024 - 12:00-4:00 - Britt Family


We ask that everyone use our new recycling can, JUST for RECYCLING.  We also have a friendly reminder to NOT place pizza boxes in the 3 black trash cans.  They rip the bags. We ask that you take your pizza boxes home with you or break them up and place in the  recycling container.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Our “Official” Facebook page is up and running. The name of the page is: Harveys Lake Beach Association at Sunset Beach.  If you are a Facebook member please follow our page, and like and share our posts. 


The Harveys Lake Beach Association is a non-profit organization that owns a private beach, which it has operated since 1966. This area is one of the few areas around the lake that provides you with an access to the lake for swimming or sunning.  Certified lifeguards are on duty during normal operating hours and the beach area is enclosed with a fence to ensure the safety of young children. The roped swimming area is 80 x 175 feet with the deepest area being a little over 5 feet.  The beach is mostly grass covered with an area 50 x 175 feet for sunning and play.

The Harveys Lake Beach Association is a community of friends and neighbors who enjoy the lake and look out for each other on the beach. They participate in several activities, beach socials and family nights each year. We provide a delightful pavilion area throughout the summer. Continuing projects like the completed beach restoration, 24 foot pavilion and completed bathroom/first aid office have enhanced the area for the comfort of our members. 

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Sunset Beach is located @ Pole 001, Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake, PA 18618, directly across from Grotto Pizza

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New Members Welcome!
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$210.00 for a family membership