Sunset Beach - Harveys Lake, Pa.

Kayak Berth Rentals:
Kayak berths (slots) are available to rent for the 2024 season.  Kayak berths are for members only who have paid for their berths. Berths cost $75 for the season.  If questions, please call 272-255-9579 and leave a message or email

Kayak and Paddleboard Usage on the beach

By launching your paddleboard or kayak from Sunset beach, you assume all risk and liability in the activity. HLBA is not responsible for injuries, accidents or death due to your usage of aquatic sports equipment/device. By launching from HLBA property, you agree to adhere to this notice and assume all liabilities for you, your guests (including children). There are inherent risks to using aquatic sports equipment such as Kayaks or Paddleboards HLBA is not responsible for any injuries, accidents or death related to aquatic sports equipment usage. Your usage of kayaks or paddleboards launched from HLBA property, indicate you understand the risks and accept liability.

HLBA is not responsible for the security of your equipment/device. HLBA is not responsible for any thefts of Kayak, Paddleboard, Oars, or any other equipment on HLBA property.

HLBA is not responsible for damage to any aquatic sports equipment/device stored on beach property.

Rules regarding Launch of Aquatic Sports Equipment

1. Only members and qualifying guests only are permitted to use the kayak launch, which is the space on the right side of beach below the bathroom building.

2. These items are not to be used within roped section which is marked for swimming.

3. All Kayaks/Paddleboard equipment must be taken home at the end of the day unless you’ve rented a berth (information below for that group).

4. Any equipment left on the beach (abandoned) will be reported to the Fish and Boat Commission for there resolution.  HLBA is not responsible for replacing such equipment. This includes kayaks left on beach.

5. You must wear beach badge when accessing beach to use HLBA property to launch Aquatic Sports Equipment/Device

Kayaks/Paddleboard Storage berth rentals

1. Kayak berths must be rented through HLBA and will be given a slot assignment for current season which runs until Oct 1st.

2. All equipment must be removed by October 1st. Any equipment left will be reported to the Fish and Boat Commission for there resolution. Confiscation.  Any expenses incurred in in the removal of equipment will be included on your next membership.

3. Equipment must be stowed in approved/assigned berth by end of each day of usage. We recommend bike locks to secure your equipment.

4. Any equipment left on the beach (abandoned) will be reported to the Fish and Boat Commission for there resolution.

Please note the following rules/regulations for kayak rentals
- The HLBA Association does not adopt any responsibility for any kayak used during the summer months or left on the beach after the season closes.

- Kayak Berth Rentals are $75 with paid beach membership for season.

- Each Kayak will be assigned a number corresponding to the berth.

- All Kayaks need to be secured with a lock (bike).

- Any abandoned kayaks or paddle boards (left laying on the beach) will be reported to the Fish and Boat commission for there resolution.  Confiscation.

- Take a picture of your Kayak once on the rack and send to Tom McGough at:

- Please take paddles and life preservers with you when you leave the beach.

- All Kayaks must be removed from the beach by end of the season (by October 1, 2024). 

- HLBA officers and board members assume no liability for any Kayak.  Kayaks are the owner's responsibility.

- All Kayak owners are required to adhere to Pennsylvania Kayak laws on the lake.